2118M3 mass concrete completed in ACVP

KCC has successfully poured 2118 M3 concrete at LAGOON SUMP Z49002 & 49003  in ACV project on 28th Nov. 2010.  This is the biggest concrete pouring ever done in KCC history.   In this regard, we would like to convey  our sincere thanks  all  those who have worked in the Sump area  especially  Rebar & Mason  group of  ACVP,  JERP, MANIFA & NCP projects.


In this regards, Mr. Eugen Kang who is Vice Presiden given statement as below;


"Congratulation to complete the largest pouring 2118 M3 concrete in KCC history even before successfully.
It must be another landmark moment in KCC history.
I would like to thanks to Project Director Xavier Joseph, Site Manger Angel, Planning Manger Nair and all ACVP Team.
Many thanks
Vice President
YS Kang "
rogoon concrete pouring

rogoon concrete pouring.jpg (5.1Mb) (55)

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